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Georgian House, London

The transformation of this four-storey private house from the Georgian era required sensitive work, matching the elegantly voluptuous tonalities to give the building’s outdated ambiance an extra quality. Contrast between matt and lacquered greys, dark green, mauve, yellow elements and anthracite carpet throughout the house. A large number of small, divided spaces have been freed Georgian House, London

Country Manor

An 18th Century listed Manor, renovated and redecorated in a sober style. One is reminded of certain English residences by the subtlety of the colours used and the enhancement of the original features. Transformation of the outbuildings: creation of an artist’s studio and two apartments for guests. 

Private Home, Geneva

A transformation of a 1930’s pavilion which involved the redevelopment of the space in an industrial style with an oriental twist.  The central staircase was moved to the outside. Ceilings were raised and window width was increased. Also, a new garage was built and the swimming pool modernized. Incollaboration with the architect Pascal Tanari.

Private Manor, Geneva

DescriPrivate Manor situated on the banks on the River Rhône. The woodwork, by Jean Jacquet,  was under preservation order and therefore a source of inspiration for the interior design. The entire refurbishment was researched and designed by Peter Kammermann who respected the spirit of the Enlightenment which resonates with this 18th Century residence.