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Valérie Hangel

Creator of textile jewellery She walks with such slow, relaxed steps from the workshop to the showroom, then on to her own gallery, that you would swear that she is barely moving. Everything is the closeness of the locations, and the union of creative momentums. Valérie Hangel is a creator of other-worldly silk jewellery and Valérie Hangel

Peter Kammermann

Decorator /Interior architect He is a free spirit, intuitive, a poet with the fire within. He knows the fixed norms of standardisation – and how to go beyond them. He knows imitation – and how to avoid it. He knows the old masters – and how to steer his own course towards beauty, creating a Peter Kammermann

Joëlle Cabanne

Interior architect Born into a family of architects, Joëlle decided not to follow the ready-made career path and instead chose to use the notion of space to derive the source of an art where territories and landscapes appear at the edge of reality and the abstract. Oil painting, contemporary art, India ink, aerosol, acrylics, collages, Joëlle Cabanne

Jacques Treyvaud

Upholsterer Jacques has an all-consuming love of extremes, he alternates between the infinite horizon of the sky above and the infinitely small detail before his eyes – a stitch, for example. Details like these are unforgiving, and make up the life of any upholsterer who deals in precious materials. Born on the land, he has reared Jacques Treyvaud